The one with Friendship’s day.

Remember all the excitement for the first sunday of August?! Not because it was a weekend. Oh no! Those weren’t the times when weekends were the only time of fun! It was a day every child (and by child, I mean who loves Pokemon more than Pokemon Go) waited for so desperately!

It was the Friendship’s Day!

Before we could REALLY know what ‘friend’ really means, we celebrated this day without even knowing why! And the best part about this irony was that we celebrated it with utmost innocence. And that is what it was all about!

The little ‘friendship bands’ (as we used to call it), all those arms filled with plenty of sweet and stupid messages with sketch pens, the cards we shared and everything else may just seem so stupid now. You may laugh about it over a cup of coffee with your friend now but you haven’t had a childhood worth talking about if you dint live these moments!

There we were, managing every friendship band to fit on our arms where now, managing to take some time out to meet a friend seems so difficult. Before, ‘madam’ were ‘teachers’, ‘eraser’ was ‘rubber’ and ‘lectures’ were ‘periods’.

Things have changed now. ‘Open house’ has become board meeting now! Homework has turned into assignments. Tom and Jerry now means Rahul and Modi. We’re lost in the rush.

Its not that we dont wish anyone on friendship’s day now. But we dont celebrate it. The essence is lost. Our innocence is lost.

Friendship day never meant sending forwards at 12am to people on your recent chat list so that you may look like the bigger person. It simply meant letting someone know that you really want him/her as your friend. It was as simple as it sounds.

What’s gone is gone 🙂

Its always so good to be remembering such moments and having a strange smile on our face thinking if we would actually live such moments again!

Celebrate friendship’s day. Dont just wish people.

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is not 🙂

Happy Friendship Day to all.


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