The one with the childhood.

Ever wondered how your conversations about your childhood now with your friends would turn out to be if you had a Tablet in your hand at the age of 10 instead of a Kukaboora bat?How meaningless our childhood would be if we dint know the meaning of ‘FLAMES’?

I see a lost childhood everyday. I see it getting lost in the 12 inch screens, in the air of the digital world.

It’s never their fault you know. I heard it somewhere and now when I think of it, it just clicks : You can never be a good dad if you cannot entertain your child without using an iPad.

We too might have ended up like a kid born in the 21st century, with an android phone with continuous access of internet so that Facebook is the most used app, had we been given an option of buying one. But no, we dint have any such options. We were restricted to Mario and Luigi, Roadrash and many such amazing inventions. And trust me. We couldn’t have been happier.

Had someone gifted us a mobile phone on our 10th birthday instead of those ‘999999 in 1‘ gaming cassettes, our memories would only be those reflected on Facebook post a couple of years.

So it’s not their fault. It’s merely our good luck which helped us preserve our childhood in those slam books and short diaries.

Let’s take an oath. Let’s not encourage any kid to be a part of what we call digitalisation till the time he is not a kid anymore.

Surely it would have been difficult to be a parent of a kid who is constantly getting bruises because of a football match or who is constantly trying to get outside his house just to discover new places to hide. But that does not mean we be sloppy and lazy and choose the easy way out.

Next time you see your younger brother watching football videos on YouTube, invite him to play an actual round of football with you. (And if it’s monsoon, then use the gift God is trying to give you).

Next time you see your 12 year-old sister clicking selfies and posting them on any social networking sites, buy her a slam book and ask her to actually socialise (Be the first one to fill it).

Let’s accept it. We do feel itchy when we see the next generation wasting their childhood. But what do we do? We shout? We advice them to not do that? Does that help?

Our parents did a wonderful job to keep our innocence intact and keep us away from those temptations. It’s our job now that we do the same for our little siblings.

So Look up from your phones, shut down those displays. You have a finite existence and a set number of days.

– Gary Turk.


One thought on “The one with the childhood.

  1. This is a good thought rather essential.
    Like facebook is for this generation, Gameboy was for ours!
    A layer of sense of innocence of childhood is getting ripped layer by layer as the generations come up!

    Plus, not only them, we ought to start with ourselves too. Tone down our Instagrams and facebook memories.

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