The one with the nature.

Nature can be so unpredictable and astonishing at times. How can a range of mountains, some beautiful waterfalls and the fauna’s melodies bring all the emotions out of us? Something which even our fellow humans fail to achieve. Well, sometimes.

Chitkul, a small isolated village in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh could possibly be the most beautiful village I’ve ever visited. It was a small detour we took on our way to Spiti Valley. Situated at almost 12000 feet above normal with absolute no signs of development made me admire the nature’s power. Sitting there, observing the small streams and the lush greenery, I realized how small a place we occupy on this planet. You tend to forget your problems once you see an old lady moving through the fields carrying nature’s bounty on her back.


I was moved, with this beauty around me, like never before. I had a Canon at my disposal but the truth is, I wish I didnt. No lens or phone is smart enough to capture this gift God has given us. Or better yet, neither of it is worthy enough to render its image. The naked eye can freeze the moment and create a memory better than the photographic films.

I have seen mountains covered with trees and snow before. But this place had a different aura about itself. Not everyday do you give your eyes the pleasure of such a view with absolutely nothing on your mind.

Panoramic view from the balcony, Chitkul.
It was 3 pm when we were a couple of kilometers away from the village. Stunned by the beauty around, we decided to walk the extra mile. The weather was sunny and pleasant. As we entered the village, the locals started welcoming us to their respective guest houses. Choosing the one with the best view, we settled as quickly as possible. Packing our mini back packs, we rushed to explore what seemed like a tiny shire.

I seem to fall short of words whenever I try to describe this place to anyone. There was a different kind of positivity around. People there never failed to shout out ‘Juley’ (pronounced joo-lay which means hello) on seeing a traveler. The hospitality was better than what you get at Taj or any such 5-star hotels. They absolutely loved their guests and their village. And how couldn’t they? How could one not fall in love with a place where the population is less than the amount of problems one faces in Mumbai. Where the air is purer than the souls breathing it. Where the night sky consists of more stars than oxygen.


Chitkul might have been a detour but it definitely dint feel like one. For someone who is traveling to Spiti, I’d definitely suggest him/her to pay a visit to this small yet mesmerizing land with beautiful landscapes and even beautiful people.


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