The one with the summit.

Dhankar Lake :

Reaching the summit made me realise that it’s not the destination we are travelling for. It’s about the lessons learnt while reaching there.Not always will a lake mesmerise you. But the path to reach there definitely will.

Dhankar lake at the summit.

Starting at around 10000 feet, my legs were shivering at the base. No, it was not the cold. It was the fear of not being able to climb another 3000 feet. To add to my fear, my co-climbers were rushing ahead of me with lightening speed. And I was barely able to breathe. Just when I had all the demotivation within me, I remembered an age old proverb and started walking the old school way.

“Slow and steady wins the race”.

Now took a deep breath, switched on my music player (or particularly, Illahi) and started climbing as slow as I can but without any breaks.

Slowly and gradually, I leap frogged everyone just to reach the summit before time and everyone else.

Why did I do this? Why did I have to reach the top before everyone else?

Outrunning anyone was never on my mind.

Isolation was what I was looking for. No human around me but only nature.

The moment I reached there, I turned off the music, removed my ear plugs, sat across the bank and felt the silence shouting.

I don’t think the lake was the selling point there. It were the cold deserted mountains, the bright blue sky, the hawks’ flight and the sunny yet freezing climate.

The air was pure and the heart purer.


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